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    When I decided that I needed a new challenge after being with the same company for over twenty years, I came across TTS 24-7 and got a job as yard operative at Fleximix. I wanted to feel part of a team, feel that my work is appreciated and most importantly enjoy my job. From the start, Nicola at TTS 24-7 has made that happen. I could not have been made to feel more welcome than Nicola made me feel from day one. She was clear in every communication from what the job was about from the beginning and made sure it was the right fit for me. I would insist that anyone comes and works for TTS 24-7 as you are treated well and great rates of pay.

    Dale Kelly
    Yard Operative

    I have been working with Nicola of and on since 2014 . I have found her to be straight, up-front and above all, honest. She gives you full details of the client and what is required, the wages are correct and on time, every time. Nicola has the care, passion and drive to drive her business forward and has an honest, steadfast approach to any potential new business and gives her very best. I have been in the industry more than 30 years and would not hesitate to recommend her to any potential drivers who would go the extra mile to help and also to any potential client looking for a driver. I wish her every success in the future in this ever-changing climate.

    Gordon Kemlo
    Class 1 Driver

    “What make this agency any different from any of the others out there?” I’m sure that’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves before signing up with a new potential provider of temporary employment – I know I did. Having seen a number of positive comments in some of the drivers’ chat pages on social media regarding TTS 24-7 and, with them being very local to me at the time, I thought I’d give them a try. All I can say is that I’m so glad I did. Previous larger agencies I’d been with had produced mixed results. Some I never heard from again after my initial contact. Others got me out for a few shifts in the early days then it was as if I’d been pushed to the back of the drawer as newer candidates came along resulting in me having to be contacting them daily and virtually bullying them into giving me anything. Still others would never be off the phone, always trying to persuade me to take up all sorts of work offers that were totally unsuitable to my clearly defined requirements on the basis that “a job, any job, is better than no job”. Then I walked through their office door and had my first contact with Nicola and her team at TTS 24-7. Right from the outset, I’ve been offered pretty much as much work as I’ve wanted week in, week out. Sure, there are times when extra drivers aren’t needed by the haulage companies but I knew that could happen and I’ve never been kept in the dark over it. If things are quiet, I’ve still received regular phone calls or texts “just keeping in touch” and updating me on the situation. They listen to, and take note of, your preferences and likes and dislikes too. If there’s a particular sector that you’d rather not work in for instance, unlike some other agencies I’ve been with in the past, they won’t keep trying to push you until you feel obliged to work a shift for fear that otherwise you won’t be offered anything else in the future. With some agencies, it feels like all you are is a means to boosting their bank balance; a necessary evil if you will. Rest assured that with TTS 24-7, nothing could be further from the truth. The whole team are great. It’s like you are part of one big extended family; you get treated as an individual, living, breathing human being who has thoughts, and emotions, and aspirations, and requirements, and the right to have a personal life. To them, you’re way more than just a number on a timesheet. That’s why I’ve been exclusively with them now for almost 4½ years and have no reason or desire to go elsewhere. So, if I had to answer my initial question, in one line, with regards to TTS 24-7 it would be: “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!”

    David Boyd
    HGV driver

    Worked for several agencies, knew the owner from one of them and when she took over as manager the difference in work quality really noticeable so I was delighted when she set up her own agency. Very supportive and understanding at times when personal life matters get in the way of being able to work - not available means not available without any pressure. Good quality work placements and will back you on the odd occasion when an employer proves to be somewhat less than ideal. Good forward planning evidently follows the much ignored management aphorism “plan twice do once”. Would highly recommend.

    Class 2 Driver