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Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

I run a busy regional distribution Operation in Bathgate West Lothian , we deliver to every end customer who buys goods from our two shops in Scotland.
We also keep the shops themselves topped up and obviously facilitate and take part in all range changes on a regular basis.

This will soon rise to three and more year on year until we have reached our overall target.
The reasons I chose TTS-24-7 as a business partner, are very plain and very simple.

They provide the calibre of Individuals that my business demands and can’t or won’t accept any less.
The service is honest reliable and never promises anything that it can’t deliver.

This gives me peace of mind to get on with my day job, not worrying about Agency guys, which as we all know can be a diverse mix at times, depending on the companies you choose to do business with.

I also have a long standing professional relationship with Nicola Hardy the Operations Manager and know the professionalism she demands both from herself and those who work with her.

The other massive plus is the partnership between TTS and CTTS driver training, which means my, Insurance company are over the moon as we only use drivers trained to the highest professional standards.
I would be happy to recommend the company to anyone who requires drivers, or porters but without the stress or the heartache of worrying how good they will be.
Martin Booth-Scottish Distribution Manager – 20/03/2015

Client Testimonial